To all the anons who just flooded my askbox:



there is indeed a Batman comic (Batman: Reign of Terror) set during the French Revolution in which Bruce Wayne works for the Committee of Public Safety by day and dresses up like Batman in order to save aristocrats from the guillotine by night 

it includes beautiful moments like these:



as well as a Scarlet Pimpernel-esque Robespierre who takes pleasure in murdering as many spoiled rich people as he can:


All-in-all, both bunniesandbeheadings and I imagine the plot line of the approaching Assassin’s Creed game will play out in a pretty similar fashion, so if you’d like to mentally prepare yourself (or you just need a good laugh), you can buy the comic for next to nothing here.

farkaska this is for both of us!

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The gang.

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1. A 90s cartoon you loved?

Oh man, basically anything they aired on CN or Nick. I grew up on cartoons and they formed my life, don’t expect me to pick only one :P

2. If you could born again as an animal, what would you choose?

A wolf of course :3

3. Tell me a funny/embarrassing trivia about yourself!

I’m secretly a pumpkin.

4. A superpower of your choosing? And what would be your superhero name? (Bonus: Would you wear spandex? :D)

Hell yea spandex all day!
For the superpower, as cheesy as it sounds, I’d choose super speed. Imagine how many things I could do or learn in a day!
Name? How about Speed? Since my alias is narkós Norris :P Got it? No…? Okay then.

5. A place where you have never been but would really love to visit?

Atlantis :P
Nah just kidding. It’s the moon. Lol okay I stop.
Basically I can’t highlight a place I would die to visit. But you know what? I choose Paris! I’ve never set a foot on there and a friend of mine I’ve never met before lives there too :3

6. If you could spend a day with any historical person, who would it be and why?

Wow you got me there. I have really no idea, so I go with another cheesy answer, since this came in my mind first: Jean D’arc. I’d watch her for a day as she fights on the battlefield.

7. Which part of the day makes you feel the best?

Night time, because that’s when I’m inspired the most to draw.

8. Tell me your top 3 soundtracks from any movie/animated movie/anime!

The wizard of Oz, Tangled, Shrek 2.

9. Have you ever done the followings: cosplay/DDR/RPG/public karaoke?

I’ lame, but I’ve only done RPG in my life.

10. Thunder or lightning?


11. Be honest, how much time do you spend on tumblr on an average day?

30 mins or 1 hour, it depends.

Aaaaaaaand I’m breaking rules and won’t tag anyone! >3 


Play Arkham Origins, come on I dare you.


I could draw this bastard all day.


Preview of a short BAO experience comic.

Yup, I’m never gonna finish this…


Guess who watched the new Batman film.


Red Hood - from Villain to Hero


Harley Quinn - Rule 63

New (fail) sub-blog

So ladies and gents, I created a comic related (mostly with DC villains) blog, where I hopefully, in the not so distant future, will post an actual comic series about our favorite crazies. Of course the blog will contain simple artworks too.

Pray for me to get this shit real…

Anything I’m going to post there will be reblogged here too, just to make it more popular.